Banco de datos de lenguas paleohispánicas


Founder of the HESPERIA Database: † Javier de Hoz (UCM).

General coordinator: Joaquín Gorrochategui (UPV/EHU). 

Technical head: Eduardo Orduña.

Coordinators: E. Luján (UCM) y F. Beltrán (UZ). 

Researchers: D. Balboa (UZ), B. Díaz Ariño (UZ), Mª J. Estarán (UZ), M. Fernández Corral (UPV/EHU), F. Fernández Palacios, J. Ferrer i Jané, Mª C. González (UPV/EHU), A. Guerra (U. Lisboa), C. Jordán (UZ), A. López Chala (UCM), A. López Fernández (UPV/EHU), N. Moncunill (UB), N. Ngomo (UCM), E. Orduña, V. Sabaté (UB), V. Simón Castejón (UZ), I. Simón Cornago (UPV/EHU), J. Mª Vallejo (UPV/EHU), J. Velaza (UB), D. Wallace-Hare (U. Toronto).

Former collaborators.



The team wishes to publicly acknowledge all the governmental and academic institutions which financed different phases of this project from its conception to the present:  

To the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science through successive research projects financed by the General R&D Plan since 1998.  

The Department of Education of the Community of Madrid for the grants awarded to the Complutense University in order to undertake certain aspects of the project.  The Basque Government, the Government of Aragon and the Generalitat of Catalonia for financing research groups that work in universities located in their respective boundaries: the HLV LHC Group (The Basque Country), the Hiberus Group (Aragon) and the Littera Group (Catalonia).

Similarly, it expresses its thanks to:  

-Professor Jürgen Untermann, for his permission to consult and use the Palaeohispanic Inscriptions Supplement, an unpublished manuscript in which he collected inscriptions discovered after the MLH had been published.  

-Dr. Mª Paz García-Bellido, for her permission to use photographs and assorted graphic material regarding coins in the Numismatic Database.

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